We offer a total solution covering the entire chain of distribution, extraction and destruction of nitrous oxide.

When nitrous oxide is used in pain relief the patient’s exhaled breath contains high levels of nitrous oxide. If this is not extracted and destructed it will lead to deficiencies in the staff’s working environment and have a negative impact on the global environment too. Our equipment destructs more than 99% of the nitrous oxide, purifying it in a catalytic process where the nitrous oxide is decomposed into oxygen and nitrogen. These are the main constituents of air and can therefore be returned to the environment.


• The exhaled air containing nitrous oxide is entered into the system through a particulate filter.
• A catalytic process in the reactor breaks down nitrous oxide (N2O) at high reaction temperatures into oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) + excess heat from the process.
• The hot purified air is led into the heat exchanger, where the heat is recycled to warm up the incoming exhaled breath. The cooled purified air is released into the atmosphere.
• An integrated control system monitors the process and can be read remotely via a web interface.

The technique is largely based on the recycling of supplied energy, where the excess energy in the decomposition process is utilized. Our technique is also characterised by few moving parts and a reliable, stable catalytic process. Over the years, MedClair has developed a unique technique for heat exchange and isolation, which provides effective purification and safe operation with low operating costs. Energy consumption for our centralized system is around 800 W, which is about the same about of energy used by a conventional coffee maker. The corresponding figure for our mobile device is approximately 90 W in normal use.

The process can be monitored via a web-based tool, facilitating continuous measurement of nitrous oxide concentration, gas flow and energy consumption, among other parameters.

MedClair delivers turnkey products, which we install and deploy, facilitating a fast start up for our customers.

The products do not call for daily inspection. All components are carefully selected to be able to run continuously for years without replacement.

Our business is focused on developing proprietary solutions for climate-smart and energy-efficient destruction facilities for nitrous oxide, as well as best-in-class ventilation systems and systems for continuous monitoring of nitrous oxide levels.
We offer complete solutions from the design, development, adaptation, production and installation of new facilities to service and support.
Thanks to our innovative design solution, MedClair systems have the lowest energy-consumption on the market, combined with a low noise profile and stable operations. Moreover, the use of standardised modules for control and continuous monitoring further strengthens the robust construction.