We develop products for larger hospitals and smaller clinics in both the healthcare and dental care sectors.

Our solutions for nitrous oxide destruction include a fixed central destruction unit (CDU) and accompanying extraction system and a face mask solution with a unique valve as well as a mobile destruction unit (MDU) that can easily be moved to where it is needed.

MedClair’s central destruction unit is suitable for health care facilities where there is a greater need for nitrous oxide destruction. This unit destructs nitrous oxide from a large number of treatment rooms (typically up to 16). If needed, additional capacity can be added using complementary devices.
Our unique low-flow technique enables the nitrous oxide to be extracted from the treatment room almost silently. Another advantage of the technique is that air flowing at a low rate simplifies the ventilation system, requiring only standard tubing between the various extraction points and the fan room where the CDU is normally installed, hence lowering the total cost for the installation.
The CDU is always ready for use and all the staff needs to do to activate it is to start the extraction system in the respective treatment rooms.
Via the CDU, together with our mask solution and its unique valve, nitrous oxide in exhaled breath is collected in a safe and user-friendly way. This facilities a good working environment for staff and a minimal impact on the external environment thanks to device’s high purification capacity.

While the unit is running, continuous automatic monitoring and logging of the process takes place, measuring, among other things, nitrous oxide concentration, the flow of gas and energy consumption. Saved data is available both on the display and via a standardised web interface, where information is displayed in compiled averages per hour, day and month. In addition, it can be connected to the building’s monitoring system.

With few moving parts, the destruction unit’s innovative design delivers a quiet, vibration-free system with high reliability and a long product lifespan.

• Power supply: 400 VAC, 3 x 10 A
• Power consumption: Warming-up = 2.4 kW, Operation = 800W
• Size: 80 x 90 x 190 cm
• Weight: 300 kg
• Reduction of N2O: >99%

Our mobile unit is a smart solution that can easily be moved anywhere where nitrous oxide is needed for pain relief. This unit is a total solution for administrating nitrous oxide to the patient and collecting residual nitrous oxide from exhaled air and destruct it. The MDU can easily be moved between treatment rooms and is quiet, efficacious and reliable.
Like the larger central destruction unit, the mobile unit purifies more than 99% of the nitrous oxide entering the unit. This facilitates a healthy working environment for healthcare professionals and a minimal impact on the external environment.
The MDU is specially adapted to suit the mobile needs of healthcare professionals allowing them to use it in an easy and reliable manner. The unit accommodates a nitrous oxide cylinder (either pre-mixed or concentrated) as well as an oxygen tube, and if needed an associated mixing unit (titration unit. The latter is used to set different nitrous oxide concentrations, where varied treatment levels are required.

The face mask with an accompanying tube for the administration of nitrous oxide is attached to the unit, and a suction tube for exhalation is fitted using a standard connection to the MDU.
All required tubes, gas cylinders and valves are kept in the MDU, making it easy to transport as a complete unit.
The MDU is constructed with few moving parts and components, which all have a high degree of reliability and long product lifespan.
The MDU has an integrated control system that continuously monitors a number of parameters, including temperature and gas flows, and stops automatically when overloaded. On delivery, the device is already set up for remote monitoring, and it is easy to connect the unit to MedClair’s technician for remote monitoring.

• Power supply: 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 3.15A
• Power consumption: Warming-up = 600 W, Operation = 15-88W
• Size: 53 x 53 x 93 cm (excl handels), 63 x 63 x 103 cm (incl handles)
• Weight: 59 kg
• Sound level, operation: < 35 dBA