MedClair develops and sells equipment covering the entire chain of distribution, extraction and destruction of nitrous oxide.


Founded in 2013, MedClair is a Swedish company with leading-edge expertise in the form of fifty years of combined experience in process gas purification, gas measurement, ventilation and control. We specialise in catalytic gas purification, around which we have developed a stable, energy-efficient process. Today, our customers are mainly in healthcare areas that require the climate-smart use of nitrous oxide for pain relief, primarily in the childbirth, child healthcare and dental care sectors.
We are members of the Swedish Medtech organisation and the Nordic Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.


By developing climate-smart products and solutions, our vision is to provide environmentally, cost-effective and user-friendly solutions for pain relief with nitrous oxide, thereby facilitating increased usage of nitrous oxide in the healthcare sector in an environmentally sustainable manner.
Our goal is to make nitrous oxide – as well as other types of aesthetic gases going forward – safe to use for health professionals, their patients and the external environment. We will continually develop our products to stay at the forefront of technological innovation and low energy consumption.