Gas monitoring device for nitrous oxide in the working environment

Medclair has developed a nitrous oxide measure device for instant feedback on the levels of N2O in the air. Today the health professionals are totally unaware of the levels they are exposed to. This leads to uncertainty and risk to overexposure to nitrous oxide. Current tests for exposures are sent to lab for analysis and the results are presented weeks after over exposure. 

Our sensor is a live measurement and notification system on the levels of N2O in the room. Elevated levels are usually due to human error.

Wall Mounted Sensor

Strategically placed in the room to best reflect the overall nitrous oxide level in the room. The device is equipped with three level indicators.

- Green, well below limit values
- Orange, close to the limit value
- Red, above the limit value

It also has a display that indicates current ppm of nitrous oxide in the room. It saves the data for later processing.


A small battery powered nitrous oxide measurement device to be worn by health care professionals to monitor the personal exposure during his or hers shift. It has the same functions as the Wall Mounted Sensor.

Technical data

  • Measurement range: 0-100 ppm
  • Resolution: 2 ppm
  • Response time: 30 sek
  • Weight Wall Mounted Sensor: < 1 kg
  • Weight Wearable: < 100 gram
  • Indications led: Green, orange, red
  • Display: ppm

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