Medclair milestones

April of 2019

The renowned Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm chose Medclair for the assembly and commissioning of a Central Destruction Unit. This installation was made on an existing hight flow system at the maternity clinic in the hospital. Medclair was chosen to deliver a solution to handle the very large volume from a total of 25 maternity wards.

December of 2018

Installation and commissioning of a low-flow Central Destruction Unit to the specialist dental care facility in Karlskrona.

April of 2018

Installation and commissioning of a Central Destructor at Norrland University hospital in Umeå. This installation was made on an existing hight flow system that prior to our installation had no destruction unit.

August of 2017

Medclair was chosen to replace a high-flow system with our patented ED at Karlskoga womens health clinic. This installation administer the destruction of an estimated 1,9 metric tonnes annually, that equals

“The old systems exhaust was really loud and miserable to work with, but now it is calm and quiet. Our work environment has improved and it is far more relaxing for the moms” says Catrin Pedersen who is department head at the womens health clinic.


July of 2017

A framework agreement where met with the region of Skåne for the purchase of MDU´s (Mobile Destruction Units). Medclair was evaluated by lending a machine to the child’s clinic in Lund. Their department head chose our solution over a competing solution after evaluation. The agreement was prolonged in July of 2019. A total of 5 MDU has been purchased under the agreement.

December of 2016

The first ever Central Destruction Unit (CDU) for dental care are commissioned to the Eastman Institute in Stockholm. “We are extremely happy with the end result, the device collects 99,9 percent of the exhalation says Susann Kähäri Anerfält, head of special dental care at Eastman Institute.”

November of 2014

The first of Medclairs low-flow Central Destruction Unit (CDU) combined with the Exhalation Device (ED) are installed at the regional hospital Ryhov in Jönköping. It was a part of a holistic approach since the region had no destruction of nitrous oxide at that time. The region follows with two additional installation that are installed on the second half of 2016.

Mikael konig