The negative impact of nitrous oxide on the environment in and outside the workplace is attracting more and more attention.


Previously, not much thought was given to the negative effect of releasing exhaled air from the patient using nitrous oxide on the environment inside and outside the workplace.
Around the world there is an increasing focus on improved work environment and thereby reduced limits for emissions of nitrous oxide where staff is operating. More, the environmental policy requirements of many county councils have been tightened to drastically reduce nitrous oxide emissions to the atmosphere in healthcare activities. Just 1 kg of nitrous oxide has the equivalent environmental impact of the release of ~ 300 kg of carbon dioxide, or about 2 000 km of driving.
Our innovative products normally purifies more than 99% of the nitrous oxide emissions, in a highly energy-efficient process – a winning combination that greatly reduces environmental impact.

MedClair’s overall environmental objective and environmental policy is to contribute to a sustainable environment by providing climate-smart products and solutions. We strive to minimise our environmental impact by optimising energy consumption, not only in our own products and transportation processes, but also by developing energy-efficient solutions for our customers. At MedClair, we also strive to minimise the impact of waste and emissions at our own workplace.