Medclair have a new patented Exhalation Device, that addresses the problem with residual levels of nitrous oxide in the patient’s lungs.

This device makes it possible to use low-flow system that together with the MDU or CDU gives the clinic a safe working environment as well as great benefits for the environment at large. It is also silent and facilitates use in maternity wards, dental care facilities or rescue vehicles such as ambulances or helicopters.

This device is a patented valve that, when attached to a standard mask, makes it possible for the patient himself to simply switch between nitrous oxide and ambient air (free from nitrous oxide). There is no longer need to remove the mask after a dosing of nitrous oxide, the mask collects any residual nitrous oxide from the lungs and thereby prevents it from entering into the treatment room.

Current industry standard

At a normal childbirth 1-2 kg of nitrous oxide is consumed. The moms inhale through the mask, each exhale ventilates nitrous oxide from the lungs. The exhalation is collected and sent to the destruction unit for destruction.

The dosage of nitrous oxide are usually administered in intervals of 3-5 minutes. During a normal childbirth this is repeated many times under several hours. Approximately 20-25 % of the nitrous oxide is exhaled into the working environment. This is due to the masks commonly used are hard to manage for the patient and they need to remove the mask to end the dosage of nitrous oxide.

Our solution

No need to remove the mask to stop the supply of nitrous oxide. Our Exhalation Device has a valve that, at the press of a button, feeds nitrous oxide into the face mask and a light indicates that nitrous oxide is administered. The valve is constructed so that every exhalation ends up in the destructor. When nitrous oxide is no longer needed, the button is released (mask stays on), the valve switches to administer ambient air and residual nitrous oxide is exhaled from the lungs. After seven exhalations almost all nitrous oxide are gone.

After 30 seconds the indicator light turns off and the mask can be safely removed.

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