We have developed a number of patents within catalytic gas purification and collection, around which we have developed a stable, energy-efficient process. Our customers are healthcare and dental care facilities that demand a climate-smart use of nitrous oxide for pain relief. We are members of the Swedish Medtech organisation and the Nordic Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.


Product range


Mobile Destruction Unit

Our state of the art, next generation destruction unit. The MDU is specially constructed to meet the mobile needs of healthcare professionals, allowing them use of nitrous oxide in an easy and reliable manner.


Central Destruction Unit

A low flow system, recommended for large nitrous oxide destruction volumes. A single machine has the capacity of 16 rooms, units can be combined for larger facilities. It is the most energy efficient machine on the market.


Exhalation Device

A unique patented valve that collects nitrous oxide from the patient's exhalation. The exhalation device is easily handled by the patient himself.


Collection Unit

Collector for nitrous oxide for non-frequent use or fitting in emergency services vehicles. The collectors are reusable and comes in different capacities.


Nitrous Oxide Detector

Sensors for monitoring the nitrous oxide levels in the working environment. The sensors may be wall mounted or used as wearables by the health care professionals.



Example of a typical installation



How it works

  • The exhaled air containing nitrous oxide is entering into the system through a particulate filter.

  • A catalytic process in the reactor breaks down nitrous oxide (N2O) at high reaction temperatures into oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) + excess heat from the process.

  • The hot purified air is led into the heat exchanger, where the heat is recycled to warm up the incoming exhaled air. The cooled purified air is released into the atmosphere.

  • An integrated control system monitors the process and can be read remotely via a web interface.

Energy efficient

The technique takes advantage of the recycling of supplied energy, where the excess energy in the decomposition process is utilised. Our products is made of few moving parts and utilise a reliable, stable catalytic process. Over the years, Medclair has developed a unique technique for heat exchange and isolation, which provides effective purification and safe operation with low operating costs.

Energy consumption for our centralised system (CDU) is about the same as the energy used by a conventional coffee maker (800 W). The corresponding figure for our mobile device is approx. 100 W.