Our new patented reusable Collection Unit is created for situations where flexibility and mobility is necessary such as an ambulance or for less frequent usage at any clinic.

Medclair has developed a world unique product that can be used at places where nitrous oxide has been impossible to use safely such as ambulances or in facilities that rarely use nitrous oxide.

The collector is used for exhalation collection of nitrous oxide from any patients in need of pain relief. The collector separates the nitrous oxide from the breath and stores it inside the collector for later disposal through a destruction unit. The residue from the Collector are only carbon dioxide and water vapour. 

The CU, when combined with ED (Exhalation Device), will assure maximum collection of N2O

The CU has two application areas; for non-frequent use or for rescue vehicles.


The usage of the CU are simple and safe. The CU is immediately ready to be used with no start-up time. The CU are dimensioned for 10 - 15 treatments depending on the extent of each treatment.

Collection Unit - for non-frequent use

Volume (l)TreatmentsDiameter (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)

Collection Unit - for rescue vehicles

Volume (l)TreatmentsDiameter (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)

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