Low flow CDU

At facilities where there is a need for larger nitrous oxide destruction volumes we recommend using the unique low flow Central Destruction Unit (CDU). This unit will accommodate a large number of treatments wards (up to 16). Units can be combined for even larger volumes.

Low flow technique - compared to high flow system

The CDU is created to work with our patented ED (Exhalation Device). Compared to other installations the system operates with a 95 % lower gas flow which makes it more compact, energy-efficient and easier to install. This is seen in the table below comparing low and high flow systems.

Low flow systems are more silent than other systems. The lower flow through the mask means considerably lower noise levels in the working environment.

Since the size of the unit and the exhaust system are dimensioned to accommodate a low flow system there is considerable advantages in investment cost and running costs. Less material, few moving parts and greater durability.

Combined with our ED (Exhalation Device) we collect the nitrous oxide and purify it to a degree of over 99 %. The result is a workplace that meets all current and future regulations. It also has little or no effect on the environment.

The unit is always ready to be used, the health care staff only needs to start the ventilation in each ward to start.

During operation the process is continuously monitored and logged, showing nitrous oxide concentration, gas flow and energy consumption. The measurement data is available at the machine or via an online interface.It can also be connected to facility systems at large via an alarm function.

Comparison low vs high flow unit

Comparison conducted in 10 wards between a maternity ward that uses double mask in combination with a high flow CDU and a maternity ward with Medclairs ED (Exhalation Device) in combination with a low flow CDU.

Resource consumption during 10 years

High flowLow flow%
Energy Consumption352 000 kWh57 640 kWh 16,4
Emission equivalent CO2542 500 kg77 500 kg14,3
Not recycled material500 kg25 kg5,0
Precious metal consumption1,5 kg0,14 kg9,3

The comparative table above clearly shows that low flow techniques have great advantages with respect to emission and energy consumption (85% more efficient). Regarding consumables it is even more efficient. (95% more efficient)

Technical data

  • Innovative design, few moving parts
  • Silent
  • Low vibrations
  • Power supply 400 VAC, 3 x 10 A
  • Energy consumption: Start up - 2,4 kW, running - 800W
  • Size 80 x 90 x 190 cm
  • Weight 300 kg
  • Efficiency level > 99 %

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